Meet 39. They are the books from the Old Testament, the largest major division of the Bible, from Genesis to Malachi. In the Old Testament, we can read about creation, the fall of man, how Moses parted the Red Sea, the ten commandments, how the children of Israel wandered in the desert, the giving of animal sacrifices for the atonement of their sin, and the many occurrences of God's faithful provision and mercy bestowed upon His people. We can read about the  leadership of judges, the reign of kings, and their poetic words. We can study the prophetic words of prophets, who prophesied the birth, death, and resurrection of our wonderful Savior, Jesus the Christ, who paid the price of sin for all of mankind.

Meet 27. They are the New Testament Books. They are the smallest major division of the Bible. They are the newer and better covenant. Although the New Testament really begins after the death and resurrection of Jesus, we get to read about the life of Jesus and how He preached the kingdom of God and healed the sick. We can read about the lives of His disciples and how they followed Him under the power of Holy Spirit from the book of Matthew all the way to Revelation. Jesus came to fulfill the Old Testament by loving us through His sacrificial death to cover our sin and to give us His Spirit. Read the 27 New Testament Books and learn what it means to live under the grace of God and how to walk in resurrection power.