Just One Drink

      Day after day, a woman gets up each morning, tends to her children, makes breakfast, works a long day, fixes dinner, tends to her husband, and tends to her children again. Each day has become the norm but something is missing. She looks for moments to bring joy. She checks her Facebook news feed to see what’s new, she looks at Pinterest to get new ideas, and she takes a selfie because she feels a little more beautiful today than other days. She eats her favorite meal and dessert, she hugs and plays with her kids to see their smiles, and she loves her husband in hopes he will love her back. She might even find some temporary relief that will either bring some happiness or numb the pain. Many women are in a dry place, looking for something to quench their thirst, only to find themselves still thirsty. As a result, they turn to the most common things to fill themselves with. 

     Once a woman realizes the only way to be satisfied is by drinking the living water from Jesus, she is made free and her whole life is changed. Her perspective shifts to see things the way God sees them. His words become her thoughts. Her time becomes His time. Her life becomes His life. She lives life on purpose and with conviction. Jesus becomes the center of it all. He and only He is the most desirable and everything else becomes a tool used for His glory. Social media can’t fill her, words of affirmation from others can’t fill her, shopping for new clothes can’t fill her, accomplishments can’t fill her, feeling beautiful can’t fill her, a man can’t fill her, sex can’t fill her, a TV. show can’t fill her, a vacation can't fill her, and food can’t fill her. Jesus explains to the Samaritan woman at the well how natural water will leave you thirsty again, but His living water will quench her thirst forever. What woman wouldn’t drink that water? 

     The only thing that is most fulfilling is the living water. Nothing is more satisfying than the Son of God, who gives eternal life, peace that surpasses understanding, and a river of living water that never runs dry. If you are thirsty, just take one drink of Jesus. Ask for Him to fill you. This way He is with you everywhere at all times. You can always spend time with Him, and your well will never run dry. When you need Him, He is there. When you feel lonely, He is there. When you are afraid, He is there. If you are ill, He is there. God loves you, and He said He will never leave you, nor forsake you. He can meet every need. Just take one drink.

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